Winnipeg testing new alarm system at Birchwood Terrace

The City of Winnipeg will be testing a new alarm system on Tuesday.

The alarm will be tested at 2440 Portage Avenue — Birthwood Terrace — between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m..

Winnipeggers in the area will hear a loud alarm during the testing period.

The alarm will be set to indicate a change to the building’s stability or a risk of collapse.

The City say if the alarm goes off outside testing, residents who are nearby are advised to seek immediate shelter. Drivers are also advised to vacate the area as soon as possible.

An audible “all clear” will be announced with a loud speaker when the area is deemed safe. Residents will also be notified when they are able to return home.

The City also notes there is the possibility of a false alarm, however, if this does happen, residents are still advised to treat it as a real alarm.

Lastly, the alarm system is expected to remain for three to four weeks.

If the alarm goes off outside of the testing times, residents who are in homes or nearby buildings should shelter in place.

People who are outside in the area should move away from the area immediately if they hear the siren go off. Drivers who hear the siren go off should also exit the area as quickly as possible.

There is also a possibility of a false alarm. If this happens, residents should treat it as a real alarm.

The alarm system is expected to remain in place for the next three to four weeks.

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