Volunteers search to identify Buffalo Woman

Members of Winnipeg’s Indigenous community are coming together in hopes of identifying Buffalo Woman. @swiddarassy reports.

By Swidda Rassy

Members of Winnipeg’s Indigenous community are coming together in hopes of identifying the woman known as “Buffalo Woman” – or Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe.

Buffalo Woman is one of four women believed to be killed by alleged serial killer Jeremy Skibicki.

Police have been unable to identify her.

“She has no family to search for her so the identity of her is very important because we don’t want to leave any of our sisters unidentified or missing, or anything like that,” said volunteer George Robinson.

“We’re hoping the community could come forward to who was wearing the jacket or who owns the jacket at the time she went missing around middle March,” added volunteer Darryl Contois.

Volunteer George Robinson on Jan. 1, 2023. (Credit: CityNews/Swidda Rassy)

Robinson and Contois have been putting up posters in various neighbourhoods across Winnipeg asking people if they recognize the jacket believed to have been worn by Buffalo Woman.

So far Contois says the community response has been positive.

“We’re getting positive feedback from the street people so hopefully we can put a name to Buffalo Woman,” he said.


A Facebook group called “Justice For Buffalo Woman,” which was created four days ago, provides updates on the search to identify the Indigenous woman. The group has more than 200 members.

“Everyone in the community is loved by someone, we try to put closure to that and help that family find closure,” said Contois.

Skibicki is charged with four counts of first-degree murder of Buffalo Woman, Morgan Beatrice Harris, Marcedes Myran and Rebecca Contois.

Winnipeg police believe the bodies of Harris and Myran are at the Prairie Green landfill, but have contented the recovery is not feasible.

“Are they in our landfill sites? That’s not a place to rest,” said Contois. “I know I wouldn’t leave my mother or sister laying in a landfill site. I will do anything in my power to get them out of there.”

In an email to CityNews regarding the identification of Buffalo Woman, a spokesperson for the Winnipeg Police Service writes “the investigation is ongoing” and they have “no update to provide.”

“One thing that we really need is for our search efforts to be 24/7 because there’s always someone missing,” said Robinson.

“We will be continuing this as long as we find out who she is,” added Contois.

Skibicki is set to appear in court Feb. 9.

Volunteer Darryl Contois on Jan. 1, 2023. (Credit: CityNews/Swidda Rassy)

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