Manitoba start-up lets restaurant diners pay bill without waiting for waiter

A Manitoba start-up company is making it easier for restaurant-goers to pay, allowing diners to scan a QR code and settle their bill instead of having to wait for the server. Alex Karpa reports.

By Alex Karpa

Settling the bill at a restaurant can sometimes be a timely task, which led to the creation of FasTab.

The Manitoba-made concept allows diners to scan a QR code and settle their bill without having to wait for the server.

“It allows restaurants to offer more efficient experience and really takes away from that final end point of your meal where you’re having to sit there and wait, flag someone down, ask for your bill. You’re trying to get somewhere. It allows you to leave on your own terms,” said Zechariah Noiseux, the co-founder of FasTab.

“Really, anyone can use it. They don’t need to create a profile. It’s very quick.”

Diners scan a QR code to view their tab and pay using various methods – like Apple Pay or Google Pay. The diner then gets an emailed receipt and, can also leave a review.

QR code on restaurant table allowing people to pay with FasTab on their smartphones. (Credit: CityNews/Alex Karpa)

“That process is only a couple of clicks, and they can pay in less than 10 seconds and be on their way to the Jets game, or the concert or whatever they have to do,” said co-founder Carson Keck.

Keck came up with the idea before the pandemic when he was out with a bunch of friends celebrating an engagement.

“It took a while for us all individually to get our bills and then pay,” he said. “So at the time, we didn’t end up getting to all the restaurants that we wanted to go to because the payment process and all that. I thought at the time that there has to be a better way to this.”

Twenty restaurant partners

The Manitoba start-up has now partnered with more than 20 restaurants since launching at the end of November, and is live in four.

Confusion Corner was one of the first to offer FasTab to its customers.

Manager Kevin Byrne says the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“A lot of people, surprisingly to me, have been choosing to use it almost 30-40 per cent of the time and it’s not a damper on the service either. You still have to provide great service, but it is just an option for people to get in and out faster.

“This has been great. I am glad they approached us.”

Noiseux says they want to get Winnipeggers familiar with FasTab as soon as possible, and then eventually expand across the country.

“We want every person who’s ever gone out to eat to be able to have the experience and optionality to quickly pay and really just go from there,” he said.

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