Frustration for Winnipeggers after alleged terrible tattoo experience

Two women in Winnipeg are cautioning others after they say they had negative experiences with a local tattoo artist, costing them money, stress and leaving them with unfinished tattoos. @_MorganModjeski reports.

By Morgan Modjeski

Some Winnipeggers are speaking out after what they say were negative experiences with a local tattoo artist, claiming alongside financial losses, the artist’s alleged unprofessionalism has left a lasting mark.

Jayda Cohn wanted to gift her boyfriend a tattoo reminding him of her, but now, the unfinished art has become a permanent reminder of feeling ripped off.

Cohn reached out to tattoo artist Nathan Rodriguez to get the work done, but after work on the tattoo started, the process went sideways.

Rodriguez would show up late for appointments, forced cancellation due to double booking and just didn’t show up for another. When he told her she would have to wait until the New Year to get the art finished, she asked for a refund on her second $100 deposit, but she was refused.

“It’s potentially like a scam to me,” said Cohn.

Cohn and her boyfriend approached Rodriguez in person seeking a resolution, at which time he banned them and cursed them out.

“Don’t f*ck with my schedule. You’re the one f*cking with us. No. No. No. Stop. Stop. Stop. Don’t f*ck with my schedule. I’m done. K? I’m done…”

She says what was supposed to be a sentimental gift, was spoiled.

“It was just like a reminder of me and my love for him, but this whole experience kind of ruined that,” said Cohn.

Cohn says she’s done dealing with Rodriguez and is looking for another artist to finish the work, and she’s not alone.

“I didn’t get any response from him after I reached out to him to tell him how unhappy I was with my tattoo,” explained Katie Ward.

Ward claims she used a $400 gift card to get a cover-up tattoo from Rodriguez, saying they agreed on the $400 price tag for the work. However, halfway through the session, Rodriguez stopped and said she had to schedule a second session, asking for another $140 deposit.

“It made me pretty upset and it made me confused and uncomfortable,” said Ward. “I wasn’t really sure why he was asking, but I had a bad feeling about it, so I just told him I’d book at a later date.”

Frustrated with the situation, and the artwork, she emailed Rodriguez asking him to finish and fix the tattoo for what she says was the initial price, but never got an answer back. The piece she paid to get covered, is still visible.

“I went to another tattoo artist to see if it can be fixed and they quoted me $700. Just to fix it. Not to finish it.”

When CityNews reached for comment, Rodriguez declined an interview and did not respond to our questions, but in a statement says his business policies are clearly posted.

“It is unfortunate to hear about this event, Ink by Rodriguez is working avidly to provide the best quality customer service, as we pride ourselves in top-quality tattoos and piercings. Any unresolved issues can be directed to”

Rodriguez shared a copy of his refund policy, but nowhere did it address instances where artists were late, double-booked, or did not show up to appointments.

Ward says while she’s found a new artist she can trust, she says the entire situation has pierced her overall enthusiasm for body art.

“It’s made me less interested. It’s been a really frustrating experience.”

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