18-year-old Ukrainian newcomer still missing in Winnipeg after 1 week

The search for missing 18-year-old Nikita Boiarskyi continues in Winnipeg. As Alex Karpa reports, the Ukrainian newcomer was last seen at St. Anne’s Road and Ashton Avenue on May 21 and has been missing since.

The family of a missing 18-year-old Ukrainian newcomer in Winnipeg is urging the public for help to find their loved one.

Nikita Boiarskyi was last seen at St. Anne’s Road and Ashton Avenue on May 21.

“Until now, we don’t have any information that sort of gives us any clue where to go, where to look,” said Igor Bezrodniy, who is helping search for the teen.

Boiarskyi left for a doctor’s appointment around 10 a.m. the morning he disappeared. After not hearing from him for a while, his family tried reaching out to him.

“They start calling him,” Bezrodniy said. “There was a lady who found his phone just across the street from their address. This is the time that they understood something bad happened and that he is missing.”

Missing Winnipeg 18-year-old. (Courtesy: Facebook/Oksana Burchak and Ukrainian Manitoba)

Boiarskyi’s father Alexander and other family members contacted Winnipeg police and the Manitoba branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) about the situation.

“So they checked all the hospitals, hostels, shelters, places like food banks,” Bezrodniy said. “As well, all of his friends are aware that he is missing, and nobody is giving information or new clues.”

Winnipeg police confirmed to CityNews that a police report was filed, and that the missing persons unit was “actively working” on finding him. No further information was provided.

“Unfortunately, it’s a bad situation,” said Ivan Kutsak, a Ukrainian newcomer who works with the UCC. “I came here to Canada two years ago, and this is the first time a Ukrainian has been missing here and we will do all the best to find him.”

Kutsak says Ukrainians are already having a hard time adjusting to life in Canada, with language barriers and issues finding jobs, but he says having a family member go missing is unimaginable.

“It’s a big deal and we are working on it right now and I hope we will help that family,” Kutsak said.

Boiarskyi is described as six-feet tall, weighing 134 lbs., with a thin build, blond hair and blue eyes.

Alexander Boiarskyi is urging anyone to contact him or the police if they have any information about his son.

“Father’s word is: ‘we love you so much and please come, and we will keep on searching for you,’” conveyed Bezrodniy.

Anyone with information on Nikita’s whereabouts is asked to contact police.

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