Manitoba Chiefs calling for resignation of PC leader Heather Stefanson

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is calling for Progressive Conservative (PC) Party leader Heather Stefanson to step down.

In a statement Friday, the AMC said Stefanson should resign after refusing to support a search of the Brady Landfill and Prairie Green Landfill for Marcedes Myran, Morgan Harris, Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe (Buffalo Woman), and Tanya Nepinak.

“It is apparent that Heather Stefanson is not suitable as Premier of this province,” said Grand Chief Cathy Merrick in a statement.

“She failed to review the Final Report of the Landfill Search Feasibility Study Committee’s Technical Subcommittee before making her decision to deny the search, her disregard for human rights as a public servant, and her failing role in reconciliation are testament to her inadequacy for office. Her hollow display of a beaded red dress symbol on her coat during her recent campaign reveals a lack of respect, or frankly, any basic understanding of the symbol she is wearing. She is quite literally the opposing force of the red dress personified.”

The AMC adds that the refusal contradicts the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). The UNDRIP says Indigenous peoples possess the right to uphold, develop, and share their spiritual practices and traditions, safeguard their cultural and religious sites privately, exercise control over ceremonial items, and reclaim their human remains.

“Under Heather Stefanson’s PC government, the province of Manitoba has failed to uphold UNDRIP rights by refusing to support the Brady Landfill and Prairie Green Landfill searches and continues to make unilateral decisions regarding the human remains of First Nations,” said the AMC in a statement.

Calls for searching the landfills have been going on for over a year after Winnipeg police found partial remains of 24-year-old Rebecca Contois a garbage bin near a city apartment building. By June 15, 2022, WPS found human remains while searching a landfill.


The AMC says letters have been extended to all the political parties, offering each a chance to present their parties platforms ahead tof the coming provincial election.

PC leader Stefanson has reportedly declined the invite. The AMC has not stated if the NDP or Liberal parties will be attending.

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