Some of the 68 recently rescued dogs in Winnipeg are up for adoption

After 68 dogs were rescued from a home in south Winnipeg, they have made lots of progress including looking a lot happier and healthier, and now 5 dogs are up for adoption, with 2 cute dogs already claimed. Mitchell Ringos reports.

After 68 dogs were rescued from a home in south Winnipeg, they have made a lot of changes including looking a lot happier and healthier, and now five dogs are up for adoption.

The loving fur balls are part of the massive group brought in after living in inhumane conditions according to animal services, with the dogs having severely matted fur, eye issues, and other health concerns. But now just a week later they are on the way to finding their fur-ever homes.

Dog up for adoption at the Winnipeg Humane Society. (Photo Credit: Mitchell Ringos, CityNews)

“They don’t really have a lot of physical issues, so other than spaying and neutering there’s no reason to delay their journey to find a loving home, they can go to a home right now,” said Daphne Hee, the adoptions manager at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Currently, five of the 68 dogs are ready to be adopted, with two already claimed. Hee says there’s more on the way with eight lined up for surgery, and the 55 others just waiting to get spayed and neutered, with Hee saying this couldn’t have been possible without support from the community, as vet care was around $150,000 dollars.


“They donate, someone make homemade cookies for us bags and bags of them, handmade collars, a lot of towels, bed sheets, kennels, puppy pee pads like a lot of them,” said Hee.

The Humane Society received over 150 foster applications within three hours, which has helped them get ready to transition into a healthy home.

“I’m happy to see that they’re all happy and very confident and ready to have a new life, don’t dwell on the past, dogs don’t do that they really focus on the present,” said Hee.

As a way to say thanks to the community, the puppies will also have a reduced price for adoption, with the Humane Society saying they will update their website regularly as more dogs become available, but do ask the public to call their adoption line if interested.

And while many of the other dogs are on their way to getting adopted, this one here has something to say to make everyone interested in taking one home “adopt me”.

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