Winnipeg school trustee by-election nominations to begin next week

A school trustee by-election will be taking place for Ward 1 or Louis Riel Division on June 6, and the nomination process is set to begin next week, according to the City of Winnipeg.

Starting Apr. 25, the senior election official for the Winnipeg School Division will begin accepting nomination papers. This process will last until May 1.

Candidates looking to run for school board trustee must file papers in-person, on the prescribed form, and have a minimum of 25 signatures from voters whose names appear on the Voters List for the school division ward.

In addition, candidates will be required to provide valid identification with their name and current address.

Campaign signs

Starting Apr. 18, campaign signs will be allowed to be place on public property throughout the city.

According to regulations, signage on public property must display on its face the name and telephone number of the person responsible for placing the sign or causing it to be placed, and the date the sign was placed.

The City says failure to comply with the bylaws may result in the removal and destruction of signs.

Those signs will also be required to be removed within seven days of the election.

For complete sign regulation, visit the City of Winnipeg website.

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