How much of the monarchy can Canada realistically get rid of?

By The Big Story

Polls show a lot of support among Canadians for re-examining, and perhaps even ending, our relationship with the monarchy.

This is clearly an opportunity to do something. But what does that something actually entail? What would happen if Canada tried to reopen the Constitution to become a republic? If that’s not feasible, what other steps could we take to distance ourselves from the royal family? And in 10 years, who will be on the toonie?

Journalist and author, writing in, Stephen Maher, joined The Big Story to unpack what moving on from the British monarchy might look like in Canada.

“If you look at the way that Canada has changed from the coronation of the Queen to the coronation of Charles. It is a vastly more multicultural society,” said Maher.

“Much more independent. And there is a large, a great number of Canadians come from cultural backgrounds where people can be expected to have very different feelings toward British Empire and the Royal family and the institution of the monarchy.”

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