Rules and Regs

General Contest Rules
These General Contest Rules apply to contests that are sponsored and administered by Rogers Media Inc. (“Rogers“) for any of its tv stations CityTM (each, a “Station“), unless there are specific contest rules associated with a particular contest, in which case those specific contest rules will apply.

By participating or attempting to participate in a contest governed by these General Contest Rules (a “Contest“), you will be deemed to have received, understood, and agreed to these General Contest Rules

Who may enter the Contests?

Unless otherwise stated, each Contest is open only to Canadian residents who have reached the age of majority as of the date of entry and who reside within the listening range of the Station administering the Contest (the “Station Sponsor“). For greater certainty, to reside within the listening range of a Station Sponsor means that you must be able to access the Station Sponsor’s terrestrial broadcast without recourse to satellite radio, the Internet (including simulcasting), cable television, an application (including a web, digital or telephone application), or any other non-traditional listening device or tool. Whether or not an individual resides within the listening range of a Station Sponsor will be determined by Rogers.
In the event a Contest is identified as being open to individuals who are under the age of majority, those individuals who are under the age of majority must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to participate in the Contest in accordance with these General Contest Rules.

For each Contest, the following individuals are not eligible to enter:

  • employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives of: (i) Rogers or its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates; (ii) any Contest co-sponsors or prize suppliers as may be identified by Rogers from time to time, or (iii) any and all other companies associated with the Contest;
  • a household member of any of the individuals listed in (a), above, whether or not related; and
  • members of the immediate family (spouse, parent, child, sibling) of the individuals listed in (a), above.


Additional eligibility criteria may be stated from time to time. For example, to participate in a certain Contest, you may be required to have a valid account via a Station Sponsor’s website (note: an account is free to create). Or a Station Sponsor may indicate that the 30-day rule or the $1,000-rule applies to a particular Contest. The 30-day rule excludes individuals who have won a Station contest within the preceding 30 days from being selected by that Station as a potential Contest winner. The $1,000-rule prevents an individual who has won a prize valued at $1,000 or more in a Station contest from being selected by that Station as a potential Contest winner during the six month period following the win. The 30-day rule and the $1,000-rule will not apply unless otherwise stated.