Winnipeg police make over 200 arrests thanks to provincial funding aimed at reducing retail thefts

Winnipeg police say in the first four weeks since the Manitoba government increased funding for overtime, they’ve made over 200 arrests.

The additional funding from the province was allocated so police could manage retail theft, violence, and general public disorder.

The move came after retailers and community members started raising concerns regarding increased retail crime, and how random acts of violence are affecting the community.

Throughout June, Winnipeg police worked to reduce violent crime and retail theft (VCRT), aiming at improving safety at stores.

Osborne Village, Exchange District, and West End were the main focus points for the VCRT.

Between June 8 and July 5, police made 203 arrests, 1,113 storefront engagements, 484 individual engagements, and 610 community division crime prevention engagements.

During that time, 31 Provincial Offence Act tickets were also handed out, and over $8,800 worth of merchandise was recovered.

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