Man facing 13 charges in connection to over $500K worth of stolen property: Winnipeg police

Winnipeg police say one man has been charged in connection to over-half-a-million-dollars worth of stolen property.

The WPS says in June, officers joined an investigation into stolen property and drug trafficking within the city.

As part of the investigation, officers searched a home on William Avenue, as well as a storage unit on June 26.

As a result of the search, officers found and seized the following items:

  • Items:
    • Over 90 bicycles (primarily high-end), bike parts, tires, scooters and motorbikes;
    • John Deere riding mower;
    • 18 high-end watches;
    • Various other watches;
    • Large assortment of jewelry;
    • 1,207 cell phones;
    • 83 laptops;
    • 225 Tablets;
    • Camera lighting, drone equipment and footage;
    • Approx. 30 digital cameras and other electronics;
    • 15 new unique clothing items, including winter jackets, ski pants, and purses;
    • 75″ TV in the box;
    • Table saw still in box;
    • Air conditioner still in box;
    • 106 various tools not in boxes included but not limited to generators, larger tools, saws, and smaller power tools;
    • 4 flutes and 1 piccolo;
  • Guns:
    • Two long guns with sawn-off barrels and various pellet/airsoft guns;
    • Small amounts of multiple types of ammunition.
  • Drugs:
    • 711 grams of Methamphetamine — (rough street value of $32,000);
    • 173 Grams of Fentanyl with packaging — (rough street value of $25,950);
    • 69.8 Grams of Cocaine with packaging — (rough street value of $6,282).

Winnipeg police say, in total, the estimated value of the stolen property is around $544,000 and the estimated value of the drugs is around $64,000.

Police say stolen property and drug trafficking often intersect, noting, “criminals may use stolen goods to fund or support their drug-related activities.”

As a result of the searches, police have charged 53-year-old John Paul Schooley with 13 counts, including possession of a firearm, trafficking stolen property, and possession of a scheduled substance.

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