How Canada’s asylum system completely collapsed

By Analysis by the Big Story Podcast

Eight years ago, the Prime Minister was welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada at the airport, to international acclaim. Canada was viewed as one of the world leaders in accepting asylum claimants from war-torn or dangerous countries. We were good at it.

Last year, asylum seekers were camped out in the streets, begging for a spot in shelters. They sat on months-long waitlists for basic documents that would allow them to work. There is no space in shelters, and we’re cramming them into hotels. Safe to say there are no smiles from the Prime Minister or happy headlines. 

Jordan Michael Smith wrote about the system collapse for Maclean’s.

“There are nonprofit organizations that exist to assist asylum seekers,” said Smith. “The problem is that these aren’t organizations or institutions that are set up to do this over the long term.”

So, how did our system come crashing down so quickly? 

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