‘Pitiful’ Winnipeg woman furious Giant Tiger tossing merchandise over donating

As many struggle to survive in the city, one Winnipeg woman is furious Giant Tiger has tossed out perfectly good merchandise, but not before destroying it. And now both her and a non-profit say they want to see items donated. Morgan Modjeski reports.

A Winnipeg local says she’s disgusted after finding dozens of pieces of Giant Tiger merchandise, with tags still on, inside of a nearby dumpster. The items appeared to be deliberately torn and slashed at a time when many in the city are in desperate need. 

“Same rip. Same tag. Brand new tag,” said Katherine Sawka. “It’s pitiful.” 

Sawka says the items should have been donated, as they’re in perfect condition, spare what she says appears to be intentional damage, the find has her feeling one way: 

Katherine Sawka. (Photo Credit: Morgan Modjeski, CityNews)

”ANGRY! Like especially in the state that is not just Winnipeg’s in – or Manitoba’s – but Canada’s. It’s hard to get by right now.”  

A statement from Giant Tiger says they cannot sell for a variety of reasons, and in some cases, they are prohibited from donating them, adding that all saleable merchandise is directed to other stores. “We take this very seriously and have taken this opportunity to remind our stores of our current donation and return policy, so we can continue to support our valued customers.”

Showcasing empty bins prepared for shoe donations Cindy Titus with Main Street Project, says she’s frustrated to see goods that could be put to good use, end up in the garbage. 

“We’d love to see those donations come to us instead of going to a landfill,” said Titus. 

With summer’s arrival, some of the items destroyed were items the Main Street Project is currently seeking to support the most vulnerable, the call for sandals and summer shoes, continuing now.

“I myself over the past couple of months have seen a shocking number of people walking around without any shoes on – more than I’ve seen before,” said Titus. 

She says businesses need to put community first, stressing one pair of shoes goes a long way.

“I hope from this conversation moving forward we can change that and put people before profits.” 

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