Province seizes horses from Barefoot Ranch following neglect allegations

Members of the Provincial Veterinary office seized dozens of animals from a rural Manitoban animal sanctuary Tuesday, following of allegations of neglect and mistreatment. Kurt Black reports

Last week CityNews brought you allegations of neglect and mistreatment directed at a Manitoba animal sanctuary.

Now on Tuesday, it appears that the calls for justice from so many in the local horse community have been answered, as the Provincial Vet is currently in the midst of seizing all of the animals from the Barefoot Ranch.

Following a lengthy investigation, Officers from the Provincial Veterinary Office delivered notice of seizure to Barefoot Ranch owner Sherri Anderson early Tuesday Morning. 

“They had all these provincial vet trucks, a horse trailer was there, as soon as I saw the horse trailer I said no good is coming of this,” said Anderson.

A spokesperson for the Provincial Vet confirmed that animals have been removed to ensure their safety and to provide them with appropriate care. But could not provide any further details.

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Anderson says while she was aware of the investigation, Tuesday’s seizure caught her off guard.

“No buddy has ever asked me for vet records or anything no feed records, no ferrier record”

Anderson believes in the end her Sanctuary will be cleared of all wrongdoing.

“We strongly feel that there is no cause to what they are doing and that they are only responding to public pressure,” said Anderson.

Former animal control officer Len Turcotte drove out Tuesday Morning to see the ranch for himself and failed to fathom how anyone could manage to feed so many animals.

“If 50-60 are horses there is no way she can afford to feed them not at,“ said Turcotte.

Barb Vince is one of the numerous individuals that has voiced their concerns about Barefoot over the past year, and views today as a vindicating moment for the local horse community.

“This is a celebration today for those animals,” said Vince.

“We are helping the animals and in a way, we’re helping her to come to the realization that her good works started out well but it got out of hard for her.”

But while today was a long time coming for many, Colleen Walker, owner of the Little Red Barn Sanctuary, says her heart remains with the animals and hopes they find the loving homes they deserve.

“It’s heartbreaking what the animals have potentially gone through,” said Colleen Walker, owner of Little Red Barn Sanctuary. “I just hope that we can find loving homes for them to go to.”

CityNews will have more on this story in the coming days.

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