MPI reporting over 1,100 hail-related claims from Thursday’s hail event

Manitoba Public Insurance says already over 1,100 hail-related claims have been made to them, as some scramble to repair their vehicles and homes. Edward Djan has more.

Manitoba Public Insurance has received nearly 1,150 hail-related claims in Winnipeg and surrounding areas stemming from Thursday’s pouring of hail.

The public insurer told CityNews the number could potentially change as more customers open claims for damages from the hail event.

According to Environment Canada, the Winnipeg area received several rounds of storms, with the western and southern parts of the city receiving some of the worst effects.

“We literally had the city split in two with these storms, where some parts maybe got a few showers, other parts got a lot more,” said Natalie Hasell, a warning preparedness meteorologist at Environment Canada.

According to Hasell, flooding was even reported in some parts of Winnipeg, with the hail that fell down being the size of a toonie.

Winnipeggers take in hail storm

Environment Canada says the southern and western parts of Winnipeg received some of the worst effects, with toonie-sized hail coming down.

Aaron Janzen, owner of Dent Dynasty said they’ve been receiving an uptick in the number of people calling them for damages to vehicles.

“If it is a very windy day the damage can go top to bottom, down the sides. Yesterday’s storm is mainly going to be top panels, the hoods, the roofs and mouldings on vehicles,” said Janzen.

Homeowners are also noticing damage to their properties following Thursday’s weather event.

“When hail hits a shingle, it busts the granules off. After a few years of the UV from the sun hitting that exposed asphalt, it will literally put holes in the shingles and if you don’t have synthetic underlayment, it will mean water in your attic,” said James Moore, the owner of 431 Roofing.

MPI says they have received over 1,000 hail-related claims related to Thursday’s pouring of hail. (Steve Anderson/CityNews)

As people assess the damage from Thursday’s downpour of hail, both Janzen and Moore said they are receiving calls for hail damage from last year’s hail storms.

 “The most important thing people can do is just call MPI as soon as possible and try to get in for your appointment and also to research a reliable repair facility to take your vehicle,” said Janzen.

 “I think every roofing company is going to be busy this summer,” Moore said.

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