Man charged after $1.4M worth of Apple products stolen from Winnipeg shipping company

Winnipeg police have charged a man following a large-scale investigation into the theft of Apple products from a shipping company.

WPS says in January, an employee at an international parcel delivery company warehouse informed them of thefts of Apple Electronic products.

Through an investigation, police learned that a 30-year-old employee of the same company, was believed to be responsible.

On Jan. 22, investigators took the man into custody and charged him with multiple theft-related and possession of property-related charges related to the theft and sale of the Apple products.

Additional search warrants were later issued and executed at the man’s home and car, and police were able to seize a stolen laptop, cellular phone, and cash.

Police continued their investigation, where they learned that between September 2023 and mid-January 2024, the man had allegedly stolen roughly $1.4 million worth of Apple products, and they were later sold online.

In March, investigators learned the man had deposited over $900,000 from funds made from sales, and later purchased a home worth $600,000.

On April 17, Orville Beltrano was taken into custody again by police, and was charged with trafficking in property obtained by a crime, possession of property obtained by a crime, possession of proceeds of property obtained by a crime, theft, and laundering.

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