Winnipeg’s Little Red Barn providing a second chance for farm animals

Over the past 5 years, Winnipeg's Little Red Barn has provided a second chance to animals in need. Like former riding horse Tucker, who celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend. Kurt Black has the story.

Over the past five years, the folks at the Little Red Barn have opened their hearts and stables to thousands of farm animals just like Tucker, who now gets to enjoy his golden years in peace, recently celebrating his 30th birthday.

“For a horse to turn 30, that is pretty remarkable, especially for horses like Tucker who have worked so hard his whole life,” explained Jessica Walker, the founder of the Little Red Barn Sanctuary.

What began as a school project, has developed into a passion for 18-year-old Jessica Walker and her family. Travelling to live-stock auctions in search of animals in need of a second chance.

It was on one of these journeys where they came across Tucker, who was set to be slaughtered after years of service as a riding horse, and well the rest is history.

“He has just such a warm personality, so I am incredibly grateful that we were able to find Tucker and bring him to sanctuary and give him the retirement he deserves.”

One thing that jumps out right away, when visiting the Little Red Barn, is the sense of belonging among the animals, knowing they have found their forever home.

“One of our main missions here at the Little Red Barn is to teach children and families that farm animals are someone and not something,” said Walker.

“All these animals are different colours, species, ages, genders and they all get along like a big happy family and I think that’s a message that people can even learn from.”

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