Questions remain around crash outside of Winnipeg caught on tape

Video of a fiery crash outside of Winnipeg has been shared widely online, but the person whose camera captured the video has questions as to how it got out. @_MorganModjeski reports

Signs of a chaotic and violent crash that was captured on video still remain, and those who live near the crash site, including the resident who captured the fire scene, say numerous questions are still unanswered. 

One of those questions: How the video got online?

“I have no idea,” said Julie Lund, who recorded the crash.

The crash took place Wednesday around 8:15 p.m. when RCMP were called to a report of a two-vehicle crash in the RM of East St. Paul. 

Witnesses told the RCMP, before the collision, the two vehicles — a grey Nissan pick-up truck and a grey Dodge Ram — were driving at high rates of speed and were reported to have been racing or chasing each other, crashing near Pritchard Farm Road. 

“You only see that on YouTube or in the movies.”

RCMP can be seen on the scene of a crash in East St. Paul on April 10, 2024. (Supplied/Stacey Corden)

Five people were taken to hospital with serious injuries that were not considered life-threatening. The video was captured from Lund’s second-story camera, she claims the only copy of the video was with police when it hit the web. 

“The investigator asked me for the video. I sent it to him and within probably half an hour or so — it was online,” explained Lund. 

Julie Lund, speaking to CityNews, says she has no idea how the video shot from her camera got online, saying the only person she shared it with prior to its public posting was an RCMP investigator. (Steve Anderson/CityNews)

Lund and her husband were confused as to how the video became public, but say they’d be interested in finding out the route it took from their camera to the web.

An RCMP spokesperson said they have “no knowledge” of an RCMP officer uploading or sharing the video, nor was it posted by the RCMP communications office on any platform, saying they have no information and have received no formal complaint around the footage. 

“Those trucks, the front were completely smushed. Completely crumpled,” said Stacey Corden, who was one of the first people on scene.

Stacey Corden was one of the first people on scene and she described it as chaos, as some in the two parties involved, continued to fight after the collision. (Steve Anderson/CityNews)

She says the entire situation was chaos. Saying after the collision, an altercation between the two parties involved continued, and hopes criminal charges are laid. 

“This is not just a random collision. Something happened between these two.” 

RCMP are continuing to investigate. 

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