International students worried about flights home after University of Winnipeg extends classes

Following a virtual town hall Wednesday afternoon, students were left reeling after finding out the academic calendar will be extended by one week due to the recent cyber incident.

This curveball has thrown a wrench into students’ plans to head home after exams, sparking frustration and uncertainty.

“As an international student we often move here for a couple of months without seeing your family and any minor inconvenience can come and affects you in the long run, especially with flights now you have to move and rebook your tickets. It’s actually really difficult for us when we are trying to see how we can navigate the new terrain that is in front of us now,” said one student at the University of Winnipeg.

The extension means classes will run until April 12, with the start of the exam period also changed from April 11 to 18 and ending on May 2. Provost and Vice-President Pavlina Radia explains the reason for the extension.

“We are a community that’s dedicated to students and student centre education who want to make sure that students that have been logged out of their systems can prepare and have time to connect back with their professors,” said Radia.

“I have already booked my ticket that’s on May 1, but the University is on May 2 so it may affect my flight,” said a student at the University of Winnipeg.

Another student saying, “It’s changed a lot, especially with spring classes you know we haven’t been able to register for spring, and lots of kids go back to work in the spring when schools are out, so it’s pushed everything back and really put a delay on the end of the semester.”

The University says they will update the situation in the coming days.

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