Winnipeg native returns home after attending star-studded Grammy Awards

Back in mid-January Winnipeg’s Amanda Buhse got to live out a lifelong dream by attending the 75th edition of the Emmy Awards as a seat filler, but little did she know she’d be heading back to Hollywood in short order, as her name was one of the very few selected to attend music’s biggest night of the year.

“I remember thinking, I’m never going to forget this moment as this will never happen again,” said

“30,000 people applied this time and they chose 350 people so about 1 per cent, and I happen to be one of the 1 per cent, which was just wild.”

Upon arriving at the 66th edition of the Grammy’s, the Winnipeg Entrepreneur found herself sitting in the front row, ahead of music superstars Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, even appearing on the televised broadcast during host Trevor Noah’s opening monologue.  Which of course got quite the reaction from Buhse’ family and friends who were watching from home.

“After the show everyone was reaching out and sending me clips from their televisions of that moment, and flashing to Taylor Swift who was sitting beside me.”

While attending the Emmy’s provided countless memorable moments, if the Winnipeg native had to pick only one of the two award shows to attend, it would have to be the Grammys.

Amanda Buhse. (Photo Courtesy: Amanda Buhse)

“Sitting there listening to all these incredible performances, one after another for hours on end, there is no other show that’s ever going to top that, it was just magical, just so special, I’m so grateful for the opportunity,” said Bushe.

But of all the memorable performances, Buhse says getting to see Canadian folk music legend Joni Mitchell take to the stage, 50 years after winning her first Grammy, is something she will never forget.

“There was not a dry eye in the house, she had the audience in the palm of her find, and it was her first time performing at the Grammys, so it was pretty incredible”

With her dream of being in attendance for Music’s greatest night now a reality, Buhse hopes her lucky streak will continue.

“I would be honoured to fill any empty seat, it was the most incredible experience of my life and to be able to do it twice in a matter of weeks is that much more incredible.”

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