Manitoba Liberals, NDP detail plans to address Indigenous issues if elected

The Manitoba Liberal Party is claiming the NDP isn’t serious about its commitment to search the Prairie Green Landfill, after no costs for the search were included in its platform, but the NDP says its commitment stands. Morgan Modjeski reports.

On the eve of Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation the Manitoba Liberal Party detailing how it would make Reconciliation a priority if elected.

Leader Dougald Lamont also taking aim at the NDP for failing to include, or cost, a search of the Prairie Green landfill in its recently released platform.

“We are the only party that put it in our platform, costed, came out and said it. The NDP, when asked, have said we’ll work with the families, and the fact that it’s not in their platform, when there are 174 other promises, to me what’s the difference at this point between them and the PCs on the issue,” said Lamont.

Pledging more than $42 million in their campaign to search Prairie Green, splitting the cost with other levels of government, the Manitoba Liberal Party detailed how if elected, it will establish a Manitoba Indigenous Secretariat, restore northern neonatal care and work to get $338-million in Children’s Special Allowance diverted from CFS clients, back to its recipients.

Lamont pointing out the lack of details in the NDP platform about a proposed landfill search, calling Wab Kinew’s pledge to the public during the leaders debate dishonest.

“How can you have something that’s this important be ignored by the NDP in their platform?” asked Lamont.

Kinew speaking to media Friday, saying the NDP will explore other methodologies for a search, and the landfill search costs would be covered using funds in the current budget.

This, the same day finance officials with the province indicated 2022-23 saw a surplus of $270 million.

“We’re going to get a second opinion on a different search methodology that would certainly give respect and dignity for these families, but would also be responsible to the public purse,” said Kinew.

Kinew says while further details need to be worked out, the NDP are committed to a search if elected, taking aim at the PCs for politicizing the matter in its campaign.

“The most important thing for Manitobans to keep in their minds right now, as we head towards election day, is that the PCs, in a very callous and insensitive way, are trying to use this issue to divide Manitobans. The idea that a political party would use the grieving family members of murder victims to run ads during a political campaign is despicable.”

The Liberals also critical of the PCs for politicizing the search. CityNews requested a response from the incumbent PC party, but a response was not received by broadcast deadline.

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