What can Toronto’s condo massacre teach us about mass shootings?

By Analysis by The Big Story Podcast

In today’s Big Story Podcast, a shooting at a condo in Vaughan in December 2022 left six people dead, including the shooter. The shooter had long held a grudge against the members of the condo board he fired upon. He was known around the property as an angry man, and had a history of domestic abuse and violence. In hindsight, all the signs were there — so how did nobody see this coming?

Michelle Henry is a reporter with the Toronto Star who wrote about the man responsible for the condo killings. She says that predicting when someone will go on to commit a mass shooting is extremely difficult, but that establishing strategies for addressing precursor behaviors may help prevent these types of attacks.

“If there is domestic abuse, how do we address that? And how do we address it in a way that doesn’t necessarily make that man angrier?” she says.

So what can we learn from this senseless attack? And how do we use that information to prevent further violence?

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