Calls to search the Prairie Green landfill growing across Canada

As calls continue for a search of the Prairie Green landfill for the remains of two Indigenous women, a group of Indigenous motorcycle riders came to Winnipeg to show their support for demonstrators. Edward Djan has more.

As calls continue to search the Prairie Green landfill for the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran, support is rolling in across the country.

“We owe it to those ladies to bring them home. That’s our Indigenous law, we have to find out those bodies, we have to put them in the ground in the right way. That’s what our laws tell us what we have to do,” said Eleanore Sunchild, an Indigenous lawyer who has been traveling with the Redrum Motorcycle Club.

“It’s the same situation all the time in Canada, we are always having to demand justice.”

She says it’s hard to have faith in the justice system or authorities given the number of times they have failed Indigenous people.

“I believed so much in our justice system that justice would prevail that the colonial powers would do what’s right, and they didn’t.”

The riders from Saskatchewan joined supporters of a landfill search at Camp Morgan following rising tension between protesters and police.

The Winnipeg Police Service arrested and charged one of the landfill search supporters, Tre Delaronde on Tuesday.

Police alleged Delaronde made threats to security stationed at the Brady Road blockade.

Following Delaronde’s arrest, some protesters used red paint to put handprints on the exterior of the Winnipeg Police headquarters.

The move prompted Winnipeg’s police Chief, Danny Smyth, to write a blog post titled “A Call for Calm and Respect.”

Despite the rising tension, supporters of a landfill search say they hope new Crown-Indigenous Minister Gary Anandasangaree is able to work with them.

Cambria Harris, daughter of Morgan Harris “If you claim that you care about reconciliation and Indigenous relations then you will search the landfill.”


“We are going to bring our women home. Regardless of the change of government, if that man placed there is the new minister, if he has a heart, he’s going to reach out to us and he’s going to help us find these women in these landfills,” said Cathy Merrick, AMC Grand Chief.

Despite the provincial government not budging on its decision not to support a landfill search, demonstrators say they are not giving up.

“They messed with the wrong family because we are not going to stop, we are going to continue on. This fight is just beginning,” said Melissa Robinson, Morgan Harris’ cousin.

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