Forensic mechanical analysis will be ‘very extensive’ for Manitoba crash: Expert

An expert in analysing fatal and serious collisions says the forensic mechanical analysis of the vehicles involved in the Carberry crash will be ‘very extensive’ saying its critical RCMP are taking the time they need. @_MorganModjeski reports.

Manitoba RCMP are continuing to investigate what led to the tragic crash near Carberry – including a forensic mechanical analysis of the vehicles involved. One expert with more than 30 years experience says the work RCMP is doing now is critical, but will take time.

“When it comes to the actual vehicle, you have to sift through every component,” said Anthony Racioppo with East Coast Forensics. “It’s a horrific accident and it has to be handled very delicately.”

Racioppo is a New York-based forensic vehicle mechanic and Motor Carrier Safety Expert who worked for the NYPD for more than 25 years, investigating more than 1,000 fatal and serious collisions in his career.

On Tuesday, RCMP said the mechanical analysis and forensic collision reconstructionists continue their work collating and analysing data from the crash scene.


No one has yet to be charged, nor have the RCMP released any findings surrounding cause. Racioppo says the task investigators have ahead of them is immense.

“It’s very extensive, especially when you have a collision such as this, when there’s a lot of damage, because not only do you have to find the component that failed, but you have to determine if the damage is a consequence of the accident, or it was pre-existing, and that’s usually the most difficult part of an investigation.”

The collision, which took place on June 15 at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 5 near Carberry, Man. resulted in the death of 16 people, with nine more currently in hospital, three of which are receiving critical care, Shared Health confirming one patient being upgraded out of critical care since Tuesday.

Racioppo says it’s likely investigators will use a combination of mechanical analysis, witness statements and other investigative techniques to determine what happened, but says common components subject to fail are brakes and steering.

He says even if the crash does not result in criminal charges, there may be civil or other legal proceedings that take place, and it’s important they’re not jeopardised.

“To give an initial press conference, or answers prematurely, could hurt the investigation. Something may look like it’s No. 1. Meanwhile, it was No. 2 and – No. 2 was discovered days after.”

The crash scene extended several dozen metres. The bus involved sustaining heavy damage as a result of fire. Racioppo says the damage may present a challenge as RCMP try to get to the root cause of the crash.

“It’s entirely possible that a tremendous accident like this could have destroyed evidence in itself.”

RCMP say they will continue to be as transparent as possible as its investigation continues, but say there is no timeline as to when they’ll be providing further updates.

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