Residents of Dauphin mourning lifelong friends killed in highway crash: ‘I’m shook up’

Many in Dauphin, Man. are dealing with loss and suffering as they try to come to terms with a fatal highway collision that resulted in 15 community members being killed at 10 others sent to hospital earlier this week. @_MorganModjeski reports.

The community of Dauphin is in the grips of grief as people try to come to terms with the highway crash that killed 15 people and injured 10.

Many in the small Manitoban city have been affected by Thursday’s fatal collision.

“I think everyone is still in shock, and still in disbelief of what’s going on,” Dauphin resident Lowina Moar told CityNews Friday. “I know for myself, I woke up this morning very saddened.”

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Moar and her husband Gordon are among those in Dauphin who are mourning the loss of two long-time friends.

“We have a couple of friends that were on that bus and we just found out that the husband passed away and the wife had surgery and she’s recovering, but we don’t know how she is making out,” Moar said, adding the two couples got together earlier this week for coffee.

Moar says the entire community is in a state of mourning.

“Everybody is waiting to hear which loved ones had passed away and which loved ones had survived.”

Dauphin, Man., resident Lowina Moar on June 16, 2023. (CityNews)

RCMP are still investigating the crash between a transport truck and a minibus that was carrying seniors from the Dauphin area to a casino near Carberry – about two hours away.

The truck was travelling east on the Trans-Canada Highway when the southbound minibus crossed at an intersection. RCMP say the truck had the right of way.

Moar says the outing to the Carberry-area casino was an opportunity for seniors to get out of their homes and avoid isolation.

Following the tragedy, she’s appreciative of the support pouring in.

“Everybody is trying to do their share of helping the people – the families,” she said.


Another man told CityNews he had two lifelong friends on the bus; one passed away and the other remains in hospital.

“God’s looking after them,” he said. “The authority upstairs, in heaven. He’s looking after them now.”

Relying on his faith during a time of tragedy, he sent messages of condolences to everyone affected.

“I’m so sorry for everybody that died,” he said.

“I’m shook up. I’m shook up right now. Talking about it, I feel like crying.”

Support and resources for those affected by the crash in Dauphin were available at the Parkland Recreation Complex.

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Father Michel Nault of St. Viator’s Roman Catholic Church notes few attended the support services at the complex on Friday, as people were still shocked.

“At the moment, I call it a full silence. A full silence” he said. “There’s very little happening at the moment – it seems to be little – but you know down inside, there’s lots going on. When I first heard, it was like, ‘wow, my heart is so heavy.”

Nault says the unknowns are making things even more difficult for the community to process.

“There’s a lot of questions right now,” he said.

Father Michel Nault of Dauphin, Man., on June 16, 2023. (CityNews)

When asked what people can do to help Dauphin during the challenging time, Nault said thoughts and prayers are more than welcome.

“I’ll be honest, they’re already doing it,” he said. “I have received texts from all over already. Of people praying for us, and people thinking about us, and just being there for support. And that’s huge, that is more than you can imagine, so I’m grateful. I’m very grateful for that.”

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