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He fled war and built a life in Canada. They found his body in the St. Lawrence.

By Analysis by The Big Story Podcast

Eduardo Malpica went missing for six months after getting into a confrontation at a bar in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Last week, his body was retrieved from the St. Lawrence River.

Malpica was an immigrant from Peru who came from humble beginnings. He built a life in Canada and was beloved by many, including his wife and son, and the new Canadians whom he often took under his wing.

Christopher Curtis, journalist and co-founder of The Rover, says there may be reason to believe that Malpica was drugged the night he disappeared. “There was already kind of a culture of these kinds of druggings [in Trois-Rivières], and it’s possible that somehow his drink was spiked, but that’s not a theory the police ever took seriously,” he says.

The discovery of Malpica’s body may bring some measure of closure to his family and friends, but one glaring question remains: What happened the night he went missing?

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