The case for the four-day work week

By Analysis by The Big Story Podcast

In today’s Big Story podcast, the five-day work week has been the standard for decades, but once upon a time, a six-day week was the norm. So why can’t it go from five to four?

Jared Lindzon wrote about the adoption of the four-day work week for The Globe and Mail. He’s on today’s Big Story to break down what the science is saying, and how industry has reacted to the idea.

“Our output is more often associated with brain power rather than physical labor,” he said. “If we’re so dependent on brain power today, then having a stronger, more relaxed, less distracted brain, actually improves output.”

Pilot projects and studies in countries around the world, including some in Canada, have proven that a four-day week can make employees more productive, as well as cause them to miss less time leaving work for appointments. So why are you working today? Why am I?

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