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In today’s Big Story podcast, we’re taking a look at a clinic that provides gender-affirming care virtually to transgender and non-binary people across the entire province of Ontario. Except right now it doesn’t, because new legislation makes it impossible, and the provincial government has so far refused to provide an exemption.

Kai Jacobsen is a member of the steering committee at Trans PULSE Canada, and the co-author of an article in The Conversation about the impact that telehealth cuts will have on trans and non-binary Ontarian’s ability to access critical care.

“The fact that one clinic closing has such a major impact on care for trans folks really tells you that the system is not as robust and at full capacity as it could be,” they said.

So what is gender-affirming care, and why is it so important? And why is virtual health care, the only option for many communities, being trimmed by the government?

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