Select Winnipeg neighbourhoods seeing speed reductions starting March 4

Winnipeg drivers will need to go a little slower in some areas as the city is reducing the speed limit in certain neighbourhoods starting Saturday.

Bourkevale, Tyndall Park South, and Richmond West will be the first three communities to see a speed reduction as part of the Reduced Speed Neighbourhood Pilot, which is expected to last at least a year.

“The goal of the pilot is to determine whether changing the speed limit in residential areas changes how fast vehicles actually travel, and whether the change affects neighbourhood livability and residents’ quality of life,” the city says.

As the pilot project goes on, Winnippegers will be encouraged to provide feedback on matters such as safety and if the rest of Winnipeg should see gradual speed reductions in certain areas.

Phase one of the pilot, which will begin March 4 and 5, will see speeds reduced to 30 kilometres per hour in Bourkevale and Tyndall Park South, while speeds in Richmond West will be reduced to 40 km/h.

Phase two of the pilot will begin March 11 and 12, and will see speeds in the Worthington neighbourhood reduced to 40 km/h.

For more information on the pilot, including where to provide feedback, visit the City of Winnipeg’s website.

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