Record-setting snow maze outside Winnipeg behind schedule

A world-record holder, the snow maze is located just outside of Winnipeg and those behind the giant, frozen project say this year will see the maze grow even further in size and scope. @_MorganModjeski reports.

By Morgan Modjeski

The record-holding world’s largest snow maze – about 20 minutes south of Winnipeg – has yet to open this season after some warmer winter temperatures last month.

Organizers admit they are a little behind schedule, with no opening date set yet.

But those responsible for the ice-glazed masterpiece claim it will be well worth the wait.

“We’re thinking there’s probably 400 to 600 semi loads, plus we’ve added all the snow buildings, and all the artwork, which takes a lot of snow inside the buildings,” said maze mastermind Clint Masse.

“We’re 52,000 square feet this year.”

The “Snow Maze” – located at the A-Maze-In Corn site – is the Guinness World Record holder and is expected to be even larger this year.

snow maze

Record-setting snow maze outside Winnipeg in January 2022. (Credit: CityNews)

Masse hopes Manitobans will be understanding as they await the maze’s opening.

“We’re a hardcore 10 days behind and I don’t think Manitobans will fault us for it, because they enjoyed some nearly plus temperatures towards the middle of December, so I don’t think they’ll be hard on us,” he said. “But it’s hard for us to make up that time.”

Masse says there are several new additions to the maze that participants can look forward to this year. Those include a Hobbit house, a movie theatre and an eatery made of ice.

“You can actually dine in snow – in a snow building – on an ice table,” he said. “So that’s going to be a new thing for Manitobans.”

He says with many builders and maze challengers returning year after year, it’s exciting the project is an attraction for so many. Masse believes it’s one of the ways to make the province’s long, cold winters a little easier.

“I don’t expect all the Manitobans to flock here in at minus-30 with a big windchill, but when those nice days come, we all get a little bit of cabin fever and that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to provide some entertainment.”

Masse says those eager to challenge themselves at the massive maze should keep an eye out for an opening date.

And with no challengers coming forward to topple its record, it appears the maze will again hold its Guinness status this year.

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