Manitoba tattoo artist allegedly owes $80K for unfinished tattoos

A group of people who say they had negative experiences with a tattoo artist in Winnipeg, resulting in the alleged loss of thousands of dollars, wants to see him investigated and charged by Winnipeg Police Service. @_MorganModjeski reports.

By Morgan Modjeski

A group wants to see a tattoo artist who worked in Winnipeg face charges after he allegedly owes clients thousands of dollars for unfinished work.

Eugene Skotniczy claims tattoo artist Rafal Piasecki owes him thousands of dollars and wants to see him held accountable.

Piasecki denies the allegations that have been made against him.

“It was just getting progressively worse and worse, trying to book appointments, trying to get him on the phone, trying to get a hold of him,” recounted Skotniczy.

Skotniczy claims he paid for tattoos up front, effectively loaning Piasecki thousands of dollars to help with apparent immigration legal fees.

Following his experience, Skotniczy is looking for others who were harmed by what he calls unethical business practices. And he plans on taking the information to police.

“I’ve given plenty of opportunity to make it right. He completely ignored it,” said Skotniczy. “He hasn’t responded at all, so it doesn’t leave me any other option.”

Winnipeg police say if a formal report is brought forward about Piasecki, they would investigate.

Skotniczy claims losses among the group of complainants have surpassed $80,000. He says something must be done.

“There’s a complete lack of remorse,” he said.

Tattoo studio wants to make things right

While he was not employed by them, Piasecki used to rent space at Odin’s Eye Tattoo. The owners say they’re still trying to clean up the mess he left behind. They feel it’s critical the shop helps the clients they say Piasecki left in the lurch.

“Our biggest thing is the client always come first, right?” said co-owner Kerry Adam.

“A lot of the people who were taken advantage of, they were first-time tattoo clients. So a bad taste for the industry all and all. So we try to take that and turn it around for them and show them what our industry is all about.”

CityNews spoke with several people contacted by Skotniczy. They confirmed the allegations they are owed money by Piasecki, providing screenshots of their correspondence. The amounts ranged from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In some cases, they say the work was done at Piasecki’s home.

WATCH: Promotional video from Rafal Piasecki’s YouTube channel

Tattoo artist denies allegations

Through Facebook messages, Piasecki’s denied the allegations and says he tried to finish the work he was paid for.

He claims those raising allegations threatened him and ruined his life.

He would not answer questions about how much money he owes people in Winnipeg, saying he’s trying to start fresh at another shop, but ultimately wants to remedy the situation.

“If I get a list of people who want me to pay them back or finish the tattoo, I will refer to each person and tell how much he has to finish,” Piasecki wrote. “I have nothing to hide. I’m just fed up and want to end it. I work in a studio where I have no problems so far. I will not reveal the name but I am willing to fix everything and start a new chapter with a clean slate.”

Information from the province indicated Piasecki is a certified tattoo artist in the province.

The Manitoba Consumer Protection Office recommends customers avoid paying full cost up front without a written contract, but says there is no rule against the practice.

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