Narwhal Week, episode 2: How corporate lobbying is delaying climate action in Canada

By The Big Story

In today’s Big Story podcast, for decades, Canada’s environmental policy has been greatly influenced by the interests of oil, gas and mining industries, and the close-knit bonds between these companies and government officials have often been detrimental to climate action. They’ve successfully persuaded governments to weaken emissions regulations and commit billions toward pipeline projects. What’s more, some of those lobbying the government on behalf of these industries were once politicians or government employees involved in regulating those very same sectors.

This is the second episode in a weeklong collaboration between The Big Story and The Narwhal — an award-winning non-profit publication that provides in-depth coverage of climate issues across Canada. Carl Meyer is The Narwhal’s climate investigations reporter, he joins guest host Fatima Syed to discuss the ongoing efforts of oil and gas lobbyists to impede the enaction of common-sense climate policy.

“The industry has been able to fine tune its ability to create these very close relationships with politicians and government officials, relationships that they can then exploit to achieve their objectives, like making more money,” he said.

So how do lobbyists actually go about currying favor within government? Are there any regulations preventing former politicians from going to work as advocates for the private sector? And just how serious of a problem is this, really?

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