Lisa LaFlamme on the Queen’s funeral, and what comes next

By The Big Story

This weekend, hundreds of thousands will queue for hours in order to say their final goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth II. On Monday, tens of millions around the world will watch her funeral, attended by royals, world leaders and other dignitaries.

Even more than the death of a Queen, the proceedings mark the end of an era for the royal family, and what comes next is anyone’s guess.

CityNews special correspondent Lisa LaFlamme has reported on almost every major moment in the monarchy over the past 20-plus years. She joins The Big Story from London, where she is covering the Queen’s death.

“There is, of course, joy and celebration of her life, but there are tears everywhere we go,” LaFlamme said. “[There’s] something about seeing hundreds of years of tradition play out before you.”

After the Queen is laid to rest, what happens then? Will people embrace King Charles III in the same way they did his mother? Could her death jeopardize the continued survival of the commonwealth?

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