The fight to save the Magdalen Islands

By The Big Story

It’s one of the most beautiful places in Canada. It’s also on a list of “Places To Visit Before They’re Gone Forever.” But if the people who refuse to give up on their homes and businesses have anything to say about it, even soil erosion from rising sea levels won’t claim their islands.

They’re using everything from lobster traps to sea barriers, moving what needs to be moved, to prove that even in the middle of a climate crisis, humans are adaptable and creative enough to save the places they love.

Taras Grescoe, is a writer and author. He covered the disappearing Magdalen Islands for Hakai magazine.

“I’d run into residents and they would pull out their iPhones and show me images of cliffs crumbling either above them or below them as they were walking past, so there’s a number of ways to adapt.” said Grescoe.

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