Some Canadians to receive unique postcard honoring fallen Canadian soldier to mark anniversary of Dieppe Raid

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, the Juno Beach Centre (JBC), is launching a unique postcard.

The postcards, dubbed “He Lived Where You Live,” is one incentive by Canada’s Second World War museum and memorial in Normandy, France, to mark the 80th anniversary.

Four hundred addresses across Canada will receive a unique postcard. Each postcard will hold the name and fate of a soldier that lived at that address before heading to war in 1942.

“These postcards create a personal connection between contemporary Canadians and the young heroes who perished during the ill-fated Dieppe Raid 80 years ago,” said Alex Fitzgerald-Black, Executive Director of the Juno Beach Centre Association, in a statement.

“The Dieppe Raid occupies a large space in our collective memory of the Second World War, and we have a responsibility to remember that each soldier who participated had a unique personality, occupation, family, and home. These postcards remind us that their legacies can be traced back to our own communities even today.”

He Lived Where You Live postcard being send to one of 400 Canadians to mark the 80th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. (Photo Credit: Juno Beach Centre)

August 19 marks the 80th year since Canada’s first major battle against Germany during WWII.

“Within fewer than 10 hours of fighting, two-thirds of a force of 4,963 Canadians were wounded, captured or killed,” said the JBC in a statement. “A total of over 900 Canadians were killed in action or died of wounds, almost 600 of whom remain buried in the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery in Hautot-sur-Mer, France.”

The JBC adds in 2021, it started cross-referencing addresses soldiers gave in their files and found that only 400 still exist today.

“As the 80 anniversary of the Dieppe Raid approaches, fewer and fewer Canadians have a personal connection to inspire them to remember,” said Fitzgerald-Black. “By introducing them to soldiers who lived at their current addresses, we hope to create new connections that will foster remembrance for another 80 years and beyond.”

The “He Lived Where You Live” postcards are one incentive the Juno Beach Centre is putting on this year. A temporary exhibit at the museum in Normandy has also been installed, as well as a digital educational website.

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