Dual Roe v. Wade demonstrations outside Manitoba legislature

Two groups of demonstrators were outside of the Manitoba Legislature today in response to the overturning of Wade V. Roe with those saying the ruling is an attack on women's rights saying they stand with those affected by the ruling.

A group of abortion rights activists and opponents of abortion gathered at the Manitoba legislature on Friday in response to the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade in the U.S.

The ruling by the Supreme Court will see access to abortions restricted in some American states. Some consider it an attack on women’s rights, while others are calling it a victory.

The event saw opponents of abortion, who were saying prayers outside of legislature, clash with abortion rights activists, who said they were fighting for women’s rights and access to safe abortions in the States and in Canada.

Blandine Tona, an activist who works in a clinic that supports abortions, says people came out to send a clear message to those who feel the reversal of the ruling is appropriate.

“We won that year multiple years ago, more than 40 years, and we don’t want to go back, so that’s our solidarity today,” said Tona. “To all the people who stand for body autonomy, choice, we want to tell them we stand with them, we will fight for them.

“Abortion is health care. Abortion is a human right.”

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