Pair charged in cocaine drug bust

Two people have been arrested on Sunday following a cocaine drug bust.

Winnipeg police say an investigation began in early June, after a woman was believed to be coordinating the sale of crack cocaine on behalf of a street gang.

After a short investigation, police were able to locate two people believed to be involved in the drug trafficking. After a search of a taxi both individuals were in, as well as their residence in the 400 block of Dufferin Avenue, and the individuals themselves, police seized a handgun, ammo and some drugs.

List of items seized by police:

  • Modified 9mm handgun (fully automatic)
  • Extended magazine
  • 9mm ammunition
  • .308 calibre ammunition
  • .22 calibre ammunition
  • 15 ounces of crack cocaine (worth roughly $34,000)
  • 12 grams of cocaine (worth roughly $960)
  • bulletproof vest
  • 40 Tylenol 3 pills (worth roughly of $120)
  • 17 grams of crack cocaine (worth roughly $1,360) – reportedly on one of the suspects
  • 10 Xanax pills (worth roughly $1,000)
  • $3,030 in cash


Samantha Lee Bruyere, 43, from the Peguis First Nation and Monique Aileen Marie Duhard, 52, from Rathwell, Manitoba, have been charged with possession of a firearm, and possession of a scheduled substance for the purpose of trafficking, as well as a few more drug and weapon-related charges.

Both remain in police custody at this time.

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