Spring melt, wet weather system could lead to more flooding in Manitoba

By The Canadian Press

Manitoba’s infrastructure minister says there have been unique challenges with flood forecasting and the spring melt as the province prepares to be hit by another wet weather system.

Doyle Piwnuik says it’s not clear yet exactly where the upcoming storm will hit but it could lead to some overland flooding in areas that receive the most rain.

The latest storm could bring 40 to 80 millimetres of precipitation through snow and rain this weekend.

Much of southern Manitoba was blanketed by a blizzard last week.


Piwnuik says flood reports look promising, but the province must watch for localized overland flooding.

Peak flows on the Red and Assiniboine rivers and tributaries are not expected to arrive until late April to early May.

Piwnuik says the province is working with all local authorities and emergency management partners to prepare in case of flooding.

Fisaha Unduche, executive director of hydrologic forecasting and water management for Manitoba, said if the precipitation comes this weekend as it’s currently predicted, it will make April the second-wettest month for the Red River Valley since 1950.

He said there is a moderate-to-major flood risk for the Red River. There is a moderate flood risk for other Manitoba water basins and eastern regions. There is a low risk for flooding in northern Manitoba basins and lakes.

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