Ukraine’s president expected to ask Canada for more help amid war with Russia

By Cormac Mac Sweeney

Ukraine’s president will deliver an historic address Tuesday to a joint session of parliament in Canada, amid the ongoing war with Russia. The Ukrainian community says it is hopeful Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech will spark more action from the federal government.

While it is a very difficult and heartbreaking situation in Ukraine, Zelensky is expected to deliver a message he already has to the British and European parliaments, which is that they will win this war.

“The president is a true leader in the democratic world,” said Cassian Soltykevych, national secretary with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

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Soltykevych believes Zelensky will ask for more help.

“I think the number one thing he will be asking for is to protect the skies over Russia. There’s indiscriminate Russian bombing. The Russian military is killing civilians. They’re bombing hospitals. They’re killing children.”

Soltykevych says if Canada hears more calls to help enforce a no-fly zone, NATO allies will also feel that pressure.

“We need this. We need some sort of support to protect the sky. If you are not willing to give your own NATO planes to fly over the skies of Ukraine, then give them Polish fighter jets.”

Although NATO has ruled out enforcing a no-fly zone, Zelensky continues to push for it.

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Soltykevych also expects another push for more humanitarian aid and believes an historic address like Friday’s will spark more action from Canada and western allies.

So far, Canada has been delivering lethal and non-lethal mililtary equipment, has promised to take in an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees, and has placed several sanctions on Russia.

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