University student in Winnipeg gathering medical supplies to send to Ukraine

A student at the University of Manitoba with family ties to Ukraine is gathering medical supplies and other goods to be shipped to Ukraine. Alex Karpa on why Alon Golubchik wanted to organize this fundraiser.

By Alex Karpa

Millions of Ukrainians have fled the country and thousands of innocent civilians have been killed or are injured

University of Manitoba medical student Alon Golubchik says he needed to do something to help the people of Ukraine.

“The situation is truly heartbreaking because innocent people are being killed, face imminent death, many are forced to live, go to school and give birth in bomb shelters. The country is in need of assistance,” said Golubchik, who is spearheading a humanitarian initiative for Ukraine.

For the past week and a half, Golubchik has been collecting mainly medical supplies, but he also has been collecting baby items and clothing. He has partnered with members of the Ukrainian community in Winnipeg to assist with getting these shipments to Ukraine.

Along with those items, he is also collecting money to provide even more assistance to those in need.

“As a medical student and a future physician, it’s my responsibility to seek and address injustice, wherever it is,” he said. “I thought I would be fulfilling my responsibility if I started this supply drive.”

Infrastructure has been demolished in Ukraine, including hospitals. Many medical and life-saving procedures are being forced in bunkers underground. And with the lack of medical supplies, Golubchik says sending over humanitarian aid is more important than ever.

“I’ve been able to view media, and several accounts from people who are living in Ukraine and what I have been seeing is heartbreaking, tragic and no one should ever have to go through this,” he said.

Golubchik says he has been in contact with a medical student at the University of Ottawa and is hoping to start a national medical student fundraiser in support of the efforts of the Canadian Red Cross in Ukraine. He says he wants to make a positive impact and help those who desperately need it.

“The Ukrainian people are currently in the middle of a struggle. I feel for peace, for security, for independence and these are rights that are currently being infringed upon and all folks should be entitled to.”

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