Manitoba Premier wants Trudeau to provide timetable for relaxing COVID-19 border measures

After almost a week of blocking the Emerson border, RCMP Manitoba confirming Tuesday afternoon that protestors on scene are finally leaving. RCMP expect the blockade to be cleared by Wednesday afternoon. Alex Karpa reports.

The Manitoba government is looking for clarity from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals regarding the easing of COVID-19 border measures.

Premier Heather Stefanson is calling on the federal government to share its “plan and timetable to relax all border measures” to help ease tensions across Canada.

Stefanson made the comment in a joint statement with Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen addressing the agreement to end the six-day blockade at the Emerson, Man., border crossing.

Manitoba wants Trudeau to provide an update on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for truckers, and for him to communicate with U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration “on these overdue goals.”

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The Emerson blockade is expected to end Wednesday after a resolution was reached between RCMP and protesters.

The protest in solidarity with the so-called ‘freedom convoy’ in Ottawa has been blocking access to the border crossing since Feb. 10.

Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act on Monday afternoon to bring an end to anti-government blockades he says are illegal and not about peaceful protest.

It’s the first time the Emergencies Act has been turned to since it came into force in 1988.

Manitoba’s premier joined a handful of other provincial leaders in rejecting the use of federal legislation.

“As we have consistently advised the federal government, local RCMP have always maintained that they have had all the tools and resources required to manage this situation and develop tactical options,” said Stefanson. “The sweeping effect and unprecedented use of the federal Emergencies Act was not and is not required in Manitoba.

“On behalf of all Manitobans, we thank all law enforcement personnel for their tireless efforts in keeping Manitobans safe.”

Access to the Emerson crossing has been blocked since Thursday morning, when protesters parked farm equipment, semi-trailers and other vehicles about two kilometres north of the border.

Mounties said there were about 75 vehicles involved in the blockade as of this past weekend.

Protesters have been allowing emergency vehicles, including police vehicles, as well as some agriculture transports to pass through the blockade.

Police said there have been no arrests and no tickets have been issued.

Officers from the Emerson and Morris RCMP detachments have been at the blockade since it started, and have received assistance from other police units throughout the province.

—With files from The Canadian Press.

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