In Ottawa, a tale of two protests … and a dangerous ending

By The Big Story

In today’s Big Story podcast, it might not look like it, but when you walk among them it becomes clear there’s more than one group in Ottawa. If you want to find evidence that the protesters are peaceful, ordinary, frustrated Canadians who came to Ottawa to make their displeasure known, you can find those folks. And if you want evidence that the protesters are angry, racist, far-right agitators here to attempt to overthrow the government, you can find that, too.

This is what makes the scene on the street so difficult to capture in a 60-second news report or a short video stream. So we called in someone who has spent a couple of days attempting to blend in with both kinds of protesters, to tell us what he’s seen and heard.

GUEST: Matt Gurney, writer and commentator, co-founder of The Line (You can read Matt’s dispatches from Ottawa right here.)

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