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Is Canada a racist country? A third of people tell pollster 'yes'

Last Updated Jun 21, 2021 at 12:34 pm CDT

FILE - Protesters speaking out against racism and police brutality gathered in Vancouver on June 5. The protest and many others like it around the world were sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police. (Isabelle Raghem, CityNews Vancouver)

OTTAWA – A third of the country believes Canada is a racist nation, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute.

The institute found that visible minorities and women were most likely to say that Canada is racist than men.

A poll from the Angus Reid Institute shows a third of Canadians believe Canada is a racist country. (CREDIT: Angus Reid)


Additionally, the survey found that 12 per cent of people polled believe that some races are superior to others.

Over 40 per cent went as far as to say that people find discriminations where there is none and it is a big problem in Canada–bigger than people not being able to see discrimination when it does exist.

Albertans (54 per cent) and Saskachewanians (57 per cent) were more likely to believe this.

A poll from the Angus Reid Institute shows more Canadians believe people not being able to see racism where it exists is a bigger issue than people exaggerating racist events.. (CREDIT: Angus Reid)


Interestingly, people from Saskatchewan were most likely (44 per cent) to agree Canada is racist.

Quebecers were the least likely, with less than a quarter saying they believe racism is a problem here.

Three-quarters of people over 55 said Canada is not a racist country.

People who disagreed that Canada is a racist country were typically older more conservative people according to Angus Reid.

The results also showed that this group of Canadians is also more likely to say immigration levels are too high.

A quarter of people polled said they feel “cold” toward Muslims–this number jumps to 42 per cent among men over the age of 55 and to 37 per cent among Quebec respondents.

A poll from the Angus Reid Institute shows some Canadians feel like an outsider in the country.(CREDIT: Angus Reid)


Over 20 per cent of people said they feel like an outsider in Canada–this was lower (17 per cent) for white people and higher for minorities (29 per cent) and Indigenous people (30 per cent).