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Extreme cold warning in effect for Winnipeg

Last Updated Jan 20, 2019 at 7:01 pm CDT

WINNIPEG (CITYNEWS) – Canada’s weather agency has issued an extreme cold warning for the Winnipeg area with forecasted highs in the minus 20 range.

Windchill is expected to be between minus 30 and minus 40 for the next few days, although Environment Canada is expecting slightly warmer temperatures Monday. With the extreme cold comes a risk of frostbite.

“Risks are greater for young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, people working or exercising outdoors, and those without proper shelter,” reads the alert.

“Watch for cold-related symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness, and colour change in fingers and toes.”

Environment Canada also warns “if it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet to stay outside.”

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